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Welcome to the Unknown Russia! New Expedition "Film, Tradition, and Change"

    Explore the links between film, tradition and change in rural Russia Approximate Dates: May 29 - June 10, 2017 Location: Russia, Kaluga Province, Kuybyshev  district, Troitskoye village Expedition fee: $2300.

A funeral lament. Bawdy songs.
Water nymphs. A joyous procession with an overblown female effigy. All converge in Sergei  Minyonok’s film “Day of the Holy Spirit” – a “cine-poetic ethnography” which captured the ancient Russian holiday “Dukhov Den.” Minyonok shot his footage in the west Russian village of Troitskoye during the Dukhov Den (Day of the Holy Spirit) festivities from the 1990s to 2001. You can join him this summer as he returns to Troitskoye to film the current state of the ritual and engage residents in conversation about film, memory, tradition and change. Volunteers will live in the village, assist with the filming and with the recording of interviews, and view and discuss (through translators) the 2001 film with many of the people who appeared in it.           

Expedition leader: Sergei Alexandrovich Minyonok

About Sergei Alexandrovich Minyonok:

Sergei Minyonok is documentary filmmaker specializing in Russian folklore. He holds advanced degrees in film directing from the Eastern-Siberian Institute of Culture (Ulan Ude) and the High Courses of Directors and Scenarists (Moscow), and studied folkloristics at the Gorky Institute of World Literature. Minyonok has served as videographer on numerous folklore expeditions supported by the Gorky Institute and the American organization Earthwatch.          





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