Individual Tour

        Russian Folklore Expedition” announces new opportunities for our friends and colleagues who wish to become acquainted with Russian folklore events, traditions and customs. Beginning 2018 we are initiating a new program - “Individual Tour”. Our basic reason for creating this program is the fact that we receive many applications from people who wish to participate in Russian folk life not in the summer period. In many cases, these requests coincide with our scheduled pre-expedition trips - short-term ventures to the field where we make test recordings of songs and mythological stories and conduct interviews regarding folk rituals.



These trips usually last 4-6 days (prolonged in special cases), and we will be happy if volunteers join us. According to the will of the participant, we will help to make arrangements for stay in Moscow till the expired day of his/her visa (or less). As a result the participant will be able to compare two different cultures (“parallel worlds”) - the “authored” culture of Moscow and the folk culture of rural Russia. This program assumes the participation of individuals whose time and interest will coincide with our short-term trips. These people will have an opportunity to meet folk ensembles not only in Moscow but locally, to participate in folklore festivals and other cultural events, and to visit local ethnographical museums, exhibitions and art galleries.

The geographical boundary for our itineraries has broadened. In these special expeditions we traverse not only the South-Western area of Russia, but the whole Central European part, Cossack Don and Western Siberia. The participant of the “Individual Tour” program is provided with a visa invitation, registration, accommodation, food, transportation, and an English speaking team leader during the whole trip.

The exact dates of each trip will be determined by the mutual possibilities of both parties. The final dates, however, must be set at least one month before the trip begins. Altering these dates will led to an increase in the cost of the expedition, but can be made in special cases for a limited circle of professionals (journalists, etc.). If you have any questions do not hesitate to communicate with us -

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