Unforgettable Unknown Russia

    Iam Lilly Otto, a teacher of English as a second language, and I had the pleasure of participating in one of the Minyonoks' village expeditions, one of the unforgettable experiences of my life. Yelena and Sergey gave a lot of personal attention to their visiting assistants from the first moment to the last. After accommodating us in Moscow, they invited us to a first night at their apartment, where received a very good orientation with photos, slides, and pertinent talks. At the same time they explored each person's unique abilities to use them in the best way at the project.

The long train trip was organized perfectly, and Yelena and Sergey continued to regale us with all the wonderful folklore they had discovered in last year's expedition, so that we were rather well informed people by the time we got their, received by a cultural commission of the region.

People treated us with splendid hospitality, to the point of letting us use their banyas, letting us milk the cows, and inviting us to dinner. Their cooperation was great, and Yelena put each one of us at the right spot for collecting data: recording tales and songs, taking pictures, and copying patterns. They related to the old people of Snopot as well as to us with their excellent people skills. We even had days in the nearby woods, exploring nature and gathering berries and mushrooms.

I have the highest respect for these two young scientists and their work, and, watching the teenagers of Russia with their Western orientation, I hope they can continue with this valuable documentation.

Lilly Otto.