No matter how interesting and important our project, it may  remain only a text on the screen, and theTeam 4, season 2000 (summer). Photo Nicky Prouvost conceptions of folklore documentaries may remain only as plans.  Hundreds of folklore culture masterpieces may go unrecorded, not studied and not comprehended. They will pass away and will become history together with their creators. The moral profundity and spiritual fascination may remain unknown for our contemporaries, and future generations, should the project fail to inspire volunteers to participate in it. The extent of the project's realization depends on volunteers' interest in Russian folklore heritage and concern with its preservation.

Knowledge of Russian is not necessary - our staff members speak fluent English.

The policy towards foreigners under the communist regime did not allow them to see the real life of the Russian people, especially in the country. Foreigners were allowed to visit only such large cities as Moscow and Leningrad. Nowadays our friends and colleagues from abroad have an opportunity to get to know the authentic Russia, with those  Russians who represent the core of our nation. Nowadays we have an opportunity to study discover the unknown Russia together with any person from any country. In accordance with our project policy no person on grounds of race, color, age, sex, or national origin shall be excluded from participation in our expedition.

Team 2, season 1998 (summer). Photo Kelley Bethell Team 2, season 1997 (summer). Photo Eileen Starr

Nota Bene! Any hard currency can be used throughout most of Russia. You will have no problem with currency exchange in Moscow. Please, do not bring old looking paper currency as Team 3, season 1998 (summer). Photo Margo Bowman hey will not be accepted in Russian banks. You may use credit cards (VISA, JSB, STB, etc.) and travelerís checks to pay for services in Moscow, but it is very difficult to get cash from your credit card or to make currency exchange in villages. If you wishTeam 3, season 1997 (summer). Photo Cindy Walker to have cash in the field with you, you should arrange for it while you are still in Moscow. 


The Principal Investigators keep in close contact with many of the previous volunteers, who will be happy to talk about the project and their experiences in the field. Their contact addresses are available in the Participants section.



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