Depending on the types of information required, Sergei Minyonok conduct different types of expeditions. These may include a research project to collect specific data, such as the recording of a particular singer, or an expedition to prepare for documentary filming. Many of projects include opportunities for volunteers who are not specialists.

Ovstug Church. Photo Carole Bradley

If you wish to participate in the Russian Folklore Expedition, please write a short message describing:

a) why you would like to participate in the expedition,

b) your expectations for the expedition,

c) any pertinent skills.Haymaking (Briansk province). Photo Sandie Page

Please send your e-mail directly to Principle Investigators Yelena and Sergey Minyonok at: trewsd@ryandex.ru. In return, you will receive a Registration Form, Letter of Agreement, and Conditions of Payment.

We are extremely interested in your opinion regarding this web site. Suggestions, comments or questions can be directed to: trewsd@ryandex.ru.




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